Types of Air Compressors

air compressorDetermining which type of air compressor is best for your needs will depend on a few different factors. While there are only essentially three different types of air compressors, there are additional specifications unique to each, including how many compression stages the air compressor goes through, the drive method, which type of lubrication is used and how the unit cools down. Here is a look at the three most basic types of compressors.


This type of air compressor increases the air pressure by decreasing its volume. They are also known as positive displacement compressors, and are available in either single-stage or two-stage types. The single-stage compressors are most often used for pressure that ranges from 70 to 100 psig. The two-stage compressors are most often used for pressure that ranges from 100 to 250 psig. Reciprocating machines are usually available in air or water cooled varieties and can be either lubricated or non-lubricated in configuration.

Rotary Screw

This type of air compressor is also considered a positive displacement type and consists of two rotors inside of a casing where air is internally compressed by the rotors. Rotary screw machines do not have valves, and they are typically cooled by oil. Because the cooling in this type of compressor happens inside the machine, the working parts do not experience extreme temperatures. Rotary compressors are good for situations that require continuous operation, and are extremely easy to operate and maintain.


This type of compressor is considered dynamic because energy is transferred from rotating impeller blades. They usually deliver higher flow capacities, are incredibly reliable and do not require as much maintenance as a reciprocating compressor might. They are oil free machines. However, since the impeller blades transfer energy to the gas, the performance might be influenced by any changes that take place in gas conditions than other types of compressors. Since this type of compressor rotates at very high speeds, they are usually used for higher capacity settings because air flow is continuous.

These are the three basic types of compressors, which should hopefully help you narrow down which one might be best for your needs. Keep in mind that compressors are used for a variety of different tasks, so it might also be beneficial to research which type would be the most suitable for the specific project you are considering.

A Great Addition to Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living SpaceIf you would like to upgrade your backyard to extend your living space, it’s worth considering an outdoor fireplace. There are many reasons why this is a good idea, but the first reason is they are a lot of fun. Whether you get a gas-burning or wood burning style, they are a great place for family and friends to gather.

The Main Benefits of Outdoor Fireplaces

• An outdoor fireplace lights up the night. You may enjoy your patio during the day, but go indoors when it gets chilly. If you have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, you can also enjoy the evenings under the stars without discomfort. It’s a relaxing and refreshing place to enjoy a meal, or simply hang out with friends.

• You don’t need to worry about wood or ashes with a propane, butane or natural gas fireplace. Just turn it on and enjoy. You can still toast marshmallows or kabobs. However, if the fragrance of a natural wood fire is part of the enjoyment, you can install a wood-burning model.

• There is a huge variety of styles from which to choose. You can get design ideas on https://www.archadeck.com/design-ideas/fire-features/. You may prefer a full, stone fireplace that is part of your hardscape design or a simple round fire pit that you can sit around.

• If you don’t have an indoor fireplace but wish you did, you may consider adding one outdoors. It’s much easier to add a fireplace outdoors. There are no walls to tear down, or carpet to consider. You don’t have to worry about the chimney or ceiling height. You can enjoy your open fire outdoors. With the latest technology, you’ll get more radiant heat along with elegant styling.

• Your fireplace can be customized to fit your backyard. It can look rustic, modern or traditional or any other style you like. Fire pits may have a small ledge where you can put glasses or small plates.

• If you enjoy entertaining and have a large backyard, an outdoor fireplace will enliven the party. When it comes time to sell your house, it will stand out from the rest and have added value.

If you are considering adding a new deck or planning new landscaping, it’s worth considering adding an outdoor fireplace. If you get the type that fits your lifestyle, there really is no downside.

Get Your Rug Cleaned

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How to Look for a Hand Winch in Australia

Hand winches – also known as trailer winches – help you pull large items, like boats or other vehicles – with ease. The winches are mounted onto a dedicated winch stand, and feature a reel or spool that holds dozens of feet of cable, rope, or webbing. But what kind of hand winch should you purchase for your specific needs and goals? Since your hand winch will be a significant investment for you and your vehicle, you want to make sure that you choose the right one. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right hand winch in Australia.

  1. Manual vs. electric winches. Although we’re talking specifically here about hand winches, we think it important to discuss all of your options. A hand-cranked winch will multiply your strength, and features a ratchet to hold your towed item at any point on the trailer. Electric winches, on the other hand, feature DC motors, and are powered by the tow vehicle’s battery and electrical system. Some electric winches use a pulley or block to double the pulling power.
  2. Single-speed or two-speed.How much cranking resistance do you expect to face when you pull an item? If you’re expecting to pull lighter objects, all you may need is a manual winch with a 3:1, 4:1 or 5:1 gear ratio. But if you’re looking for heavy-duty work, then you may need two-speed winches, including a 5:1 gear ratio and a second low speed with 16:2:1 ratio. In case you’re unsure of what these ratios mean, a ratio of 5 to 1 means you turn the handle five times to get the drum to rotate once.
  3. Is it a cable, rope or strap?If you’re using an electric winch, chances are you’ll use steel cable because they’re designed to handle larger loads. High-end cable winches will use a level-wind mechanism (like fishing reel) to prevent cable snarls. Smaller hand winches will oftentimes use polypropylene rope or nylon straps (similar to what you use for your seatbelts).

When it comes to choosing the best hand winch for your needs, there’s a lot to consider. And chances are you may not be extremely familiar with the specifics that go into hand winches. That’s why so many people trust Prolift Solutions for all of their lifting needs, including choosing the right hand winch. Learn more about what they have to offer by visiting them at http://www.prolift.com.au/.

Earthquakes and Structural Damage

Earthquakes occur on daily basis in California, most in remote areas or deep beneath the surface. When a major quake occurs, it can’t solely cause severe structural harm in a building, but may trigger the building’s collapse.

When the earth shakes, the quantity of structural injury will differ relying on the building (how properly it was constructed), and the diploma and sort of floor movement.

The severity of floor motion normally coincides with the building’s proximity to the earthquake’s epicenter. For example, a magnitude 7.0 quake shall be only 50% as sturdy eight miles away from the epicenter. The strength of the shake may also be affected by the kind of rock the seismic wave passes by means of, and soil conditions. Soil that’s tender and wet will increase shaking.

Period of the movement can affect the quantity of damage as well. Buildings that shake for longer periods of time usually have extra damage.

There are various complex issues involved in how a building strikes throughout a quake. Visually, when the base of a building strikes to the left, the remainder of the structure seems to maneuver to the right. In fact, the construction’s move to the precise is solely a resistance to the movement occurring on the base. Different factors that affect motion include seismic load, soil circumstances, constructing material power and constructing design. An vital aspect of design is the construction’s capability to bend or sway when the bottom beneath it moves.

Even a building that has been designed to face up to ground motion can fail if the muse is weak or damaged. Sure kinds of foundations are additionally extra more likely to end in harm, resembling structures built on columns. This is usually because of uneven settlement.

When a new building is constructed, it should adhere to varied laws designed to minimize quake damage. Older residential and business buildings nonetheless, need to be inspected to determine their capability to withstand a quake. Most of those structures will have to be strengthened.

Earthquake retrofitting is the term used to explain the method of modifying a constructing to make it extra proof against seismic activity. Varieties of retrofitting include basis bolting, cripple wall bracing and the installation of brackets.

Foundation bolting strengthens the connection between a construction’s body and the concrete foundation. Some constructions have no bolts, where others have an insufficient variety of bolts or bolts which have grow to be weakened over time. Knowing what types of bolts to make use of and the place to put the bolts is extraordinarily important.

Cripple wall collapse is likely one of the fundamental causes of earthquake damage. The failure of a cripple wall will cause the floor of the home to drop to the ground. Braces can be used to strengthen cripple walls. Generally, these braces will have to be positioned on all sides of the home. Hold-down brackets are used to anchor shear partitions, and help forestall the wall from rolling or shifting.

When you’ve got an older house, ask a basis inspection from a foundation restore expert. Experienced foundation contractors can find if you’re building needs retrofitting to forestall damage throughout an earthquake. Taking care of earthquake preparation, you’ll be able to decrease the risk of structural harm with the right retrofitting strategies and materials.